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Vinland map carbon dating, the Quoddy Tides

However, subsequent research into the provenance of the Vinland map documents see below suggests that they are unlikely to have spent any time in Fischer's possession. However, the Vinland map breaks this rule.

There is no denying the skill, precision, and patience that went into the construction of it, whether it is a piece of forgery or a genuine map detailing the expedition across the Atlantic. On the subject of the money, he said he could not pay it all back because he had paid agreed shares of his profit to Ferrajoli and to another dealer who had introduced him. However, as yet, no substantial evidence to support this theory has been found. If the Vikings could travel this far, then they could easily travel to America.

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It would then be sold under the false pretense that it was hundreds of years old. In contrast, the shoreline at L'Anse-aux-Meadows has risen several feet, which has guaranteed protection from shoreline erosion. An Anomaly There is one more fascinating thing about the map that tips the scale as far as skeptics are concerned.

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This forces the game to either hibernate or venture south as the wind, deep snow, and sheets of ice cover the area. How could someone from the middle ages have illustrated Greenland to look so similar to how it is depicted today? One Potential Flaw But there is a huge factor that could completely debunk the theory altogether.

Well, there are actually inscriptions on the map naming two individuals by the names of Leif and Bjarni. And to this day, no definitive answer has been agreed upon regarding the nature of the ink. Their presence probably indicates the Norse inhabitants traveled farther south to obtain them.

One Mysterious Map

Lawrence and established their Vinland colony along the Gulf of St. Connections Since the day it was discovered, professor green and lily allen dating the Vinland map has caused much confusion amongst scholars and researchers.

Secondly, carbon dating proves that it was made during the mids. If this is the case, then it would suggest that the Vikings actually got to America about years before Columbus did. Clearly this predates any possible activity by Norse explorers who first came to North America at about A. As the high sea level of the late-glacial age fell from an elevation of feet to the present level, a wave-built cobble beach formed which dammed up the small stream, thereby forming Norse Pond.

The text was written in two columns on a mix of parchment and paper sheets, with initial capitals left blank. But did someone else from the European continent get to this part of the world before Columbus? Why is Norse folklore so strong in eastern coastal Maine compared to other areas along the coast to the south? Was it all through word of mouth?

On the other hand, another look at the geography of the region may suggest that the Norse could have traveled south of L'Anse-aux-Meadows into the Gulf of St. Caroline Dodds Pennock of the University of Sheffield said. They were colorful, extravagant and meticulously crafted.

The presence of the spindle and needle suggests that women as well as men inhabited the settlement. However, some scientists asserted that this did not mean that the map was forged. These things tend to come down to one or the other. His travels eventually led him to the Caribbean, where he established settlements on the island of Hispaniola. Wormholes show that the three were part of one manuscript at some point.

They are believed to have been constructed of sod placed over a wooden frame. And for a forger, the best way to create wormholes is to use real worms. Does it pre- or post-date the translation of the two sagas that report the discovery of North America? This is because anatase is actually able to form naturally from sands and other materials. Further south in Maine are reports of Norse runic inscriptions, which have been long discredited.

The Quoddy Tides

European scholars first realized that the Viking explorer's description of Vinland most likely located it along the northeastern coast of North America. Carbon Dating Then, carbon dating was introduced, a definitive way to trace the exact dates as to when a certain material came to be. Core samples of the sediments on the floor of the pond and radiocarbon age-dated the earliest pond vegetation that formed.

These losses made the harsh winters very difficult for the Norse people at L'Anse aux Meadows. This was a huge indicator that the map was made only in the last century, and in turn, suggesting that it was, in fact, a fake.

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Is This Proof Someone Discovered America Before Columbus?

Someone tried to sell it, along with the map. It is felt that Reman was an exceptionally competent ship's captain and marine navigator.

However, with time, new scientific advances would help to clarify exactly when the map was created. Ivy League Investigation At Yale University, three scholars worked together to secretly decode the map. But why did they bother to dam the pond at all?

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All of these theories lend credence to the idea that the map was in fact, forged, hidden and then sold for millions. The penny has a small hole drilled into it, suggesting that it was worn as a pendant or clothing ornament. Oral folklore proclaiming that the Norse settled in the area is especially strong in eastern coastal Maine.

None was contemporaneous with the Norse occupation. Handwriting experts at the Conference tended to disagree with Witten's assessment that the map captions had been written by the same person as the Speculum and Relation texts. Its peculiarity does not prove its authenticity. There may be real evidence yet to be discovered.

It would be important to understand the origin of the folklore. So Yale researchers sliced a small piece of parchment off the map and initiated the test. For example, did the early French Jesuits discover evidence of the Norse from the Indians they lived with?

The key detail is that the wormholes only imply that the three documents were bound together at some point in its history. This also implies that Columbus knew of this potential fact and may also explain why his desire was to find the Indies, not America.

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