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There was no appeal to me in his immature attitude, even if he did mean fun and Evie getting away from her life for a moment with him. He rejected that side of himself along with his people because of their violence and their arrogance.

Forced to return to her hometown after the death of her cheating husband, Zuria Belle has hit rock bottom. Blended Blues Hello, my friends and readers, I hope your new year is going well!

His only problem now was in convincing her that he would not be like her ex, and what he wanted went beyond the physical and would last a lifetime. We use this information to create a better experience for all users. Shae has been sent on vacation until her family can work out how to recover the lost data for tracking shifters.

She put her cousin, the man she'd been raised with, before her husband. Daniel wanted to start a family, and Tae wanted to focus on her career. No strings attached sex with a hot smalltown cop? He was too busy driving fast, spending his money, and seducing women.

While his cousins were making billions, Duke was busy getting thrown out of the army and landing inside jail. However, all is not perfect in their new home. It seemed that Lance had kept secrets from them both.

Creators Tressie Lockwood. Tressie Lockwood is currently reading. Tressie Lockwood rated a book really liked it. All because she'd been in love with him for years.

What Sophia thought was going to be the perfect marriage turned out to be more than she bargained for. The number of incidents made me think the book would conclude with us learning what those were about. Tressie Lockwood wrote a new blog post.

Too many in one book, I think. Let me just say that I agreed pretty much with those that I read that gave the book one star. Computers, software, finances, and corporate takeovers, he could handle them all. Rachel is home for Christmas in New York for the first time in three years, at the request of her parents.

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Tressie is Currently Reading. Duke has always been the black sheep of the Marquette family. Zandrea meets a sexy man with a serious injury in the emergency room. When Alyssa visits her cousin to ask for a loan to save her bookstore, she doesn't expect her cousin to say no, but she does.

She had thought Sebastian St. Arik Johansson grew up in the foster care system after his mother abandoned him. That is until his best friend and best man, Grayson Porter, accused her of cheating just days before the wedding. Heath and Deja have reached Siberia, Texas what they thought was a haven, a safe place where the tiger shifters can live together and not fear Spiderweb, the organization that created them.

Tressie lockwood

Performance and reliability cookies These cookies allow us to monitor OverDrive's performance and reliability. Like other reviewers have said, I was over the whole normal life Evie. Would love or money win when the day was done? Don't get me wrong, I did like it, and couldn't stop reading to know what would happen. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders.

Maybe it was meant that a lot of the focus or drive of the plot was about Simon. Janae and Matt's relationship is perfect. What's worse, Deja learns her twin daughters have a gene that could cause them to mutate during their first shift, and it's passed down from her. Every year, Torrian Donnelly attends the community center's Halloween party in his old neighborhood. Lend said a lot more than the reviewer said he did, and I felt he said just what he needed to.

In an effort to learn more about the human world and its people, Luka comes to small town Aves, North Carolina. Unfortunately, the closer I got to my surgery date, the more anxious I became. Jack was new, but I couldn't stand him. For example, they let us know which features and sections are most popular.

Tressie lockwood

Even when his father died, she was there for him. But how could she be falling in love with a man who saw her as a liar, especially when he seemed to have plans of his own. All Tameca wants is to get the V off her chest with whatever man she can find.

Sam Belle knew what he was, a snowy owl shifter. You can pull that with your daddy but not me.

It felt insufficient to me, but it's what the author chose, and I accept that. He never cared too much about anyone else, least of all falling in love. Chyna's sister was killed after she took on a dangerous job. Kendra and Kevin are trying to work through an infidelity from two years ago, but when her old boyfriend comes back from Tiberania, an alien planet, her life gets a hundred times more complicated. Margaret and Matt's brother will do everything they can to force Janae out of Matt's life.

Ryenne Hill just turned thirty-eight and feels like the chance for a happily ever after is fast leaving her behind. Who knew those words from her model best friend could get Petty Officer Isa Croix in so much trouble. Belle and Valentine His hands and mouth make her body sing, but can she trust him? Cason Sartori never took life too seriously. But their marriage is an arranged one, without hope of love.

Tressie Lockwood

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When she meets Colin, action voip calling software she vows this time she's in it for the sex and nothing else. Then his wild lifestyle caught up with him in the form of a near fatal accident.

Shiya flew to Juneau, Alaska to confirm if the man she's been chatting up online is truly a shape-shifter. All she has to do is bring him to Friday night dinner with her parents and siblings. When Heath asks to be her lover, she thinks things are headed in the right direction.

Stephanie is injured in a car accident and declared legally blind until she can get cornea transplants after a year of healing. Deja had always stood by her best friend Heath. Accepting His Name Ezio has decided to marry by arrangement to keep things simple.