The Great Indian Novel By Shashi Tharoor

The Great Indian Novel

The Great Indian Novel by Shashi Tharoor

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Figures from Indian history are transformed into characters from mythology, and the mythical story of India is retold as a history of Indian independence and subsequent history, up through the s. Indophiles, political enthusiasts. For Tharoor What passion, what ardour resplendent with glamour This Indian possess, whose one leg rests in India, while the other in Geneva digresses.

The building is burnt, but Vidur arranges their escape while letting the world believe they have perished in the fire. Don't forget that the British were the only people in history crass enough to make revolutionaries out of Americans. Might India's history have been different today? The government falls and Priya Duryodhani is victorious in the next election. That womanizer, Gandhi-bhakt, Congress-chamacha, corrupt murderer!

Facts, that is all I intend to record, facts and names. Pandu decides to seek the presidency of the Kaurava Party and Dhritarashtra fears that there is a good chance he will lose the election to Pandu.

The resultant is, as expected, an Indian marriage ceremony. To be safe, keep a big stout stick And always sleep with the latch on. Being a romantic it was tough for me to digest the author's brutal and truthful treatment of certain characters.

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Vidur assists the viceroy in making decisions related to the transfer of power. Vidur, now Secretary of the Home Ministry and head of the Central Bureau of Intelligence, goes to a Drona land reform rally to warn the Pandavas that Priya Duryodhani is plotting against them. Pandu sends for Madri to join him and the sight of her wearing a military uniform begins to break down his control over his carnal desires. Introduced is the character of Sir Richard, the British resident at Hastinapur, who is complaining about the increasing radicalisation of Ganga Datta, who is still serving as regent of Hastinapur.

So they were ideally suited to a non-violent, upright leader like Gangaji. Shakuni Shankar Dey, a Bengali lawyer and president of the Kaurava R Party, counsels her to declare a Siege and seize dictatorial powers.

The Great Indian Novel is basically a narration of the Indian independent struggle in a satirical way cast into the theme of Mahabharata! In pages, The Great Indian Novel superimposes the modern Indian history on the great epic Mahabharata with considerable success. The author has taken two great stories, typing master pro full version for windows 7 combined them and spoiled them. The Chakars annexe a piece of Indian territory and the humiliation breaks Dhritarashtra's heart and he dies.

The Great Indian Novel

This book should be compulsory reading for all those people who question Gandhi's role or the meaning of his legacy. To enter Tibia from the province of Drowniang, however, Chakar troops must cross into territory claimed by India. While violence tears India apart, Dhritarashtra initiates an affair with Lady Drewpad.

As Zaleel Shah Jhoota is toppled in another Karnistani military coup, Priya Duryodhani runs rings around her prosecutors while being tried for subverting the constitution. The narrator of the tale is Ved Vyas, who is referred as V. Karna considers his options after the Muslim Group's candidates are bested by Muslim members of the Kaurava Party in the elections. Priya tries and fails to poison and drown her cousin Bhim.

Indira Gandhi was Duryodhan. Priya Duryodhani enters the conflict on the side of the Gelabins and the Gelabi Desh War results in the creation of a new nation-state. This is my story of India I know, with its biases, selections, omissions, distortions, all mine. The last chapter, where Tharoor philosophizes on righteousness with an image of heaven and hell gleaming in the background, truly captures the essence of The Mahabharta or The Great Indian Novel. Maybe a few decades ago his kind of humor was all in the rage.

Shashi Tharoor is a member of the Indian Parliament from the Thiruvananthapuram constituency in Kerala. Shashi Tharoor writes with the firm conviction of a Gandhian and the satirical cynicism of a practical man. Also, credit must go to Tharoor for making brilliant use of prose as well as verse as a literary device, which pays homage to the epic itself. And Tharoor pulls of Although I'm not religious, I love books that draw on religious symbolism and allusion.

The Great Indian Novel by Shashi Tharoor PDF Download - EBooksCart

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The people of Hastinapur are milling in the streets, threatening revolt. Some may see this as humour. But the parallels - forced. Please check out the Wikipedia summary, as it gives concise details of the mythology the story is based on, and how the events and characters are related to it.

The Great Indian Novel

Tharoor displays a holier-than-thou attitude with so much of preaching over current state of Indian politics and civil life. The novel has many things going for it, but it has some crass stuff too. Shashi Tharoor could manage to fight assembly election on a Congress ticket!

Under the rules, Arjun is banned from his conjugal rights for a year. What is left out matters almost as much as what is said. Post independence India is not half as good as the pre-independence one. There is no story and too many stories, there are no heroes and too many heroes.

Filled with lots of laughter. Throughout the book, she has been portrayed as evil-personified. Their ultimately erroneous choice is Yudhishtir. Purochan Lal, the owner of the hotel where Kunti is staying, is an agent of Priya Duryodhani. Some of it is refined, and alas, some cheap.

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