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Wade Caldwell and Buck set up shop one morning on Jack Mayfield's stock tank. This page is still under construction and I keep adding my sample projects as time allows. Edinburgh to the Highlands, the River Dee to Aberdeen. Caldwell lost by crowd acclamation.

The Serious Bomb also made a return, maintaining its status as the most powerful weapon in the game by being able to eliminate every enemy on the screen. The demo also shows how you can create an animated splitter like the one used in Books Online. The demo contains an implementation of a custom command button as well as a progress bar control.

All of the format retrieval code is wrapped in an easy to use class module. The credits roll after that, where a dialog of three unknown people is played discussing how this ending might just be another one of Croteam's bad jokes and how big Mental's boss fight could be. Best wishes from a Scottish Rite alumni, Sam Caldwell. All the paintings in videos are available as Giclees.

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More chest Thumping Time Once in a while, one should be allowed to do a bit of chest thumping. The Portrait of Patrick Henry below was commissioned by the Daughters of the Republic to be exhibited in the Plaza of Liberty, at the center of the memorial. This technique works well for instances where only numeric input is to be allowed. Also introduced to the game are twin automatic Uzis replacing the tommygun from the earlier games of the series. Aranzazu tourney honoring Bum Phillips Rockport, Oct.

Trending Stars at Comic-Con. For a tour of recent Scot events, click on King Robert's sword.

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Lost Password Please enter your username or email address. Cactus and Tailfeathers Cobra oils on canvas.

Guided by our community we have made huge progress in providing you with a stable, up-to-date Serious Sam experience, and Fusion is at its peak right now. The game begins with Serious Sam being summoned before the Sirian Great Council, mata di bhajan where the Council provides him with guidance on how to accomplish his goal to defeat Mental.

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Hundreds of miles of bonefish water inside, thousands of fathoms of fish-filled bluewater outside in the Atlantic. That's Bob Wallace on the right. If you don't already have it, you will want to get the Debug Object Dbgwproc. Sam and Sarah, Blyn, Tate and Shaw. For a video of the painting from sketch to final painting, click on the pointer's nose.

Jim Weinzetl and Jazz, one of the world's finest pointers. The paintings went at auction to benefit conservation organizations.

Sam then becomes enraged and chases the Council around their room. The images are available as high resolution Giclees on Arches watercolor paper.

To visit the memorial, click on the Marine's hand grenade. Commissioned by Lord Andrew Elgin. For a visit to the Art Fight!

Serious Sam 2

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Caldwell accepts the award, and below, readies a Bahama bonefish for release. Mountain lions have been taking Dark Canyon mule deer, so the artist had cougar repellent handy.

Caldwell's watercolor demo was won at the end of the evening. This is accomplished via a callback that occurs each time the control needs to draw one of the items visible in the control. Some are old, some are brand new. If you missed these events, shame on me for not getting you the invitation on time. Other people here tonight deserve this award more than me.

Dark Canyon is on the far side of Heart Mountain. Click on Vizi's smile for a link to the photos.

And it turned out to be awesome. Find the full changelog by clicking here. Daybreak Marlin - the study. That's Adam, Benedict and Charles. Got a friend with good taste in art?

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Serious Sam 2

Since I left that old Dallas hospital, I have been able to run, hike, fish, hunt and make a living as an outdoorsman. Power-ups are scattered throughout the game and can be obtained by destroying certain objects.

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At the end of the evening, the watercolor was won by Shaun Jones. Please enter your username or email address. Once in a while, one should be allowed to do a bit of chest thumping. Sample Projects The following are some of my sample projects.

It'll go as the last item on the live auction. The video on the left includes bagpipe music, and may take a minute or two to open, so be patient. Drop by and visit with Iron Mike. Not particularly useful in every day coding but there are situations where this technique could be just the ticket!