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Overall, I thought the romance in this story was definitely ridiculous. As the summary states, everything has been leading to this moment.

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Oren would rule both of them, once your mother was Queen. If you are looking for a battle, you have come to the right place. Willa gave an impassioned speech about the importance of helping our brethren.

The storyline was phenomenal. He was too driven to abide by the rules and with making her Queen, and that always seemed to get in the way of any future they would have had together. Jack and Peter are vampires, and Alice finds herself caught between love and her own blood. It was very disappointing. Bonus stories from the Trylle trilogy.

First, Thomas will call back all trackers. They are all nice in their own way, but they each have their unique traits. You could tell he really loved and wanted to be with Wendy.

He is nearly a hundred years old. He will do anything to get it.

Learning about all the sacrifices she had to make was incredible and it made me sad that Wendy didn't have more time to spend with her. Willa was dancing with Tove again, and when she caught my eyes, she gave me a what the hell look. So I did get a bit frustrated with her decisions.

My main problem with this book is my main problem with the entire series. Still holding my dress around me, I went into the closet only to find a problem. Their friendship and their sense of duty play a big part in the final book.

Amanda Hocking has written some of the most epic battle scenes ever. It's marvelous that after getting to know Hocking's style she can continue to surprise and delight me with the artistry of her story telling. That was something at least. Instead of answering him, she sent a nearby hobgoblin to get the King, and she led us to his chambers to wait for him. You need someone that you can protect and shelter.

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Ascend is the perfect ending to the Trylle Trilogy. In Ascend, Wendy suddenly becomes capable-leader's-material, who can keep the nobles at check? This series introduced me to author Amanda Hocking, and I will definitely be looking for more of her books! Amanda Hocking is an indie publishing sensation whose self-published novels have sold millions of copies all over the world.

What if I get everybody killed? She stands her ground and will not be swayed.

At her n Summary I read this trilogy back-to-back, so instead of three books I feel like I've read on big book. After reading the first two books, I thought the story was interesting and had an intriguing storyline but overall, the entire trilogy went downhill fast. And I already mentioned this above, but I would have liked to see more depth in this book, and series in general. As for Ascend, excuse me your life is waiting I felt it was the perfect ending to a wonderful trilogy!

Guys can do some things, but they pale in comparison to what women can do, yet Tove has more ability than anybody else. It seems like Wendy searches for a way to defeat him for the entire book, but doesn't have an aha moment until the climax of the novel.

Loki, on the other hand, had gone through hell and back, essentially, for Wendy. Elora had, for the most part, come across cold and never truly expressed love towards her daughter, Wendy. When Wendy was honest with Finn, I was so happy.

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Not very much happened in terms of large events, except for the few big ones the wedding, the coronation, the attack on the Vittra. They really are a perfect match for each other and would be the strongest King and Queen Trylle has had in a very long time. It didn't turn out the way I thought it would, and that was a pleasant surprise. It's also long and somewhat detailed.

Mysterious and sincere - he's a really strong character with a lot of heart. Her dad is a Markis, which is just a male Marksinna. Tove groaned next to me, since I did this weird mindslap thing whenever I woke up scared, and it always hit him the worst. Plus, how Oren is finally defeated is purely laughable.

At first, I thought I wanted to see Wendy and Finn together, after their brief almost-happened love scene. The world is incredibly original and I love how the characters grow throughout the series. In this third book, Wendy is stuck having to make decisions for the good of the kingdom or for what she really wants in life. She also struggles with the growing conflict she has with her mother and the warring tensions she has with her father.

We did stop dancing then, and neither of us said anything. Aside from flat, underdeveloped characters, the world building is as shrubby as what the first two books had offered.

Willa can harness the wind. Oren was awake, sitting on his throne. He growled at me, but he was thrilled to see Loki and peppered him with kisses.