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Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time PC Game - Free Download Full Version

Slide down the poles inside the shaft below this bar switch. Ascend the ladder and, upon reaching the top, run left along the wall to another pathway and finally to a bar.

You need to stop this disaster and save humans life. Pull this mirror to the burn mark on the floor until the beam of light bounces off note the bright light from the mirror itself. Bust it down with the sword. The best way to knock them down is to use the wall rebound attack.

Each use of power uses up one Sand Tank, and when empty, all powers become inaccessible until more Sand is collected. On this second ledge, run along the wall then leap to the bar on the right. Cross the beam over the magnificent falls. Farah spots a crack and enters.

Return back to the floor and go to the alcove that contains the timer switch. Mechner created the scenario and wrote the game's script. Enter through the door and walk into the sand vortex to save your game. The Prince had over scripted movements, far more than any other character in the game.

During the fight, the Prince loots an artifact called the Dagger of Time, and the Maharaja's daughter Farah is taken as a gift for the Sultan of Azad. Roll under the next blade and finally leap over the right railing to avoid the last blade.

Prince of Persia the Sands of time Download

Shimmy to the right until you move near the right wall. Farah will squeeze through the crack and open the door. Keep your eye out for water fountains.

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Climb the podium behind the sand vortex. Grab the ledge above you and shimmy around the corner of the wall. Pull the switch on the right wall.

Prince of Persia The Sands of Time Walkthrough - GameSpot

Follow this ramp down to rendezvous with Farah. It also gives you a chance to save. Slide down and leap to the ledge on the right side.

Prince of Persia The Sands of Time

Break it down with the sword and follow the new hallway to a magic fountain. When you hit the wall, hit jump to rebound and grab the upper bar. Follow the tunnel into a new room.

Leap to the ledge containing the waterfall. The camera adjusts and now you should swing toward the top of the screen. The bottom is filled with water, which will prove useful if you need to replenish your health. Run up the wall to reach the bar switch. Go to the right side of the screen and retrieve the sand cloud in the corner.

Jump over and retrieve it. Jump to the next pole then to the bar on the left. Instead of going to the right, remain in place and leap to the beam on the left. They also made custom animations for the character. Start crossing the wooden walkways defeat those pesky bats!

Prince of Persia the Sands of time Download

Leap to the short beam near you. As you see, the palace defense system is active, which means more traps for you to avoid!

Leap onto the broken column and shimmy to the left. Head down into the cavern and battle the scarabs on the left. Move the middle mirror away from the beam and pull the far mirror into the beam of light so it reflects toward the mirror closest the breakable rooms. Drop down the next ledge and get some water if necessary.

Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time PC Game - Free Download Full Version

When you reach the switch, jump so you grab the bar switch. Run under the gate and use the ladder on the right. Perform a wall run along the left wall and leap over to the ledge on the right. Turn around and jump to the bar. Pull the bar switch, which releases some scarabs.

The Sands of Time is an action-adventure puzzle-platformer. The Sands the Prince collects from enemies and the environment are tied to his magical abilities, themselves connected with the Dagger. When the team saw the capacities of the Jade engine, they decided to use it for The Sands of Time. Each time a new movement or ability was created for the Prince, it required adjustments to multiple other systems, iso 965-1 as leaving them alone would have damaged the game.

Ascend the blocks on the far side of the room. The Prince refuses and stabs the hourglass with the Dagger. Use the vault attack as instructed. One blocks a secret passage. Head left and then right into the next room.

Prince of Persia The Sands of Time

Go toward the left and crush a breakable wall on the right. Maneuver into the hole on the right side of the screen. Drop down and return back through the open walls and go right back to the sand vortex.