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The film's assistant music director Joseph later composed music for N. He even steals in his own house to present gifts to Kalavathi. Saroja Devi though he is married to Rama Anjali Devi.

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Vishwanath and his mother. Even after five decades, the plea to respect and take care of one's parents still holds good, and is relevant in today's cut-throat society. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. He does all the mischievous things that Lord Krishna did in his reign. Rama Rao is from a pious Brahmin family, who is not interested in the worship of God and irreligious, a complete rebel who is asked to mend the ways, he neglects his parents Jahnu Sarma Chittoor V.

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Infact, she fainted during the shooting because of weakness but Sr. Lakshmi Pundareeka's mother K. Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao, P. The songs, the direction and the message were loved by the masses.

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Saroja gets a negative role as the prostitute and she performs par excellence. Anjali is decent as the troubled wife of Pundarikudu.

Devotional Vedic Pathshala. Kamalakara Kameshwara Rao. He finally meets them and expresses his guilt. Virat Kohli using MeraGana.

Download option undhi ga prathi image kindha. If so, select the confirmation message and mark it Not Spam, which should allow future messages to get through. They pamper him a lot and raise him. Theatrical release poster.

Panduranga Mahatyam Theatrical release poster. Panduranga Mahatyam can be termed as one of the top notch devotional based musical films which ever graced Telugu Cinema. Panduranga Mahatyam Youtube Twitter Facebook. Vineeth Sreenivasan Videos - Songs Movies. Shane Nigam Videos-Movies Songs.

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Once when his family members ask him to marry he leaves his village and runs away. Ghantasala's songs from the movie are huge hits even today, but his name too missed out of the titles!

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Pundarika Ranganathudu Nandamuri Balakrishna is a follower of Lord Krishna Nandamuri Balakrishna but for the wrong reasons and does not listen to his father K. Shankar Mahadevan, Geetha Madhuri. Nagaiah and Rusheyndramani are brilliant as the suffering parents of Pundarikudu.

How the place was named after him is the rest of the story. The rest of the film is about how Pundarika returns backs to his family and becomes a devotee of Lord Krishna. The film was completely shot in Vauhini Studios. The song jaya kRshNaa mukundaa muraaree! Saroja Devi was a budding actor in Tamil and Kannada movies.

They did a wonderful job for the film. Kukkuta muni, Vrutthasura B. He becomes a womanizer going around every woman he sets his eyes on. Murali Gopi - A different person in molly wood because he is a journalist. Lyrics were written by Samudrala Jr.

There were many symbolic shots in the film, such as gradually waning moon in the song vannela chinnela neraa! MeraGana Karaoke is available on Google play store. This film marks the debut of actress B. MeraGana uses cookies for use of the site.

Tovino Thomas Movies-Videos Songs. Repentant, mp3 player and er Pundarik crawls his way to find his parents and falls at their feet seeking pardon. About Me Anna garu View my complete profile.

Sunny Wayne Videos -Movies Songs. Telugu Tamil and Malayalam Devotional. The film is based on the story of a great devotee named Pundarikarudu belonging to Maharashtra. But, after the marriage, he stops visiting Amrutha.

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