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Her album titled Nina Live! It has a distinctively Filipino tune, with soft delivery by Nina and a non-noisy acoustic background music by Noel Mendez. The song later achieved international success, being covered by popular Southeast Asian artists.

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Both songs were mixed by Ferdie Marquez. Although I am very thankful for the success of the previous album, as an artist I want to try a lot of other things. The two were even said to have been wanting to record a duet together.

Nina Simone's Finest Hour. The song performed well on charts, becoming Nina's eighth chart-topper. The campaign was founded for the promotion of Philippine Tourism. Like the traditional technique of vocalization, she was submerged into a drum of water while belting out her high notes. It was also shot with special effects.

She decided to release a self-titled album due to the fact that she has already established her name as an artist, and would like the public to know her as who she really is. She can also play the acoustic guitar but prefers the keyboard, believing that it is her key to becoming a composer. The video barely features her, and just shows some of her photos from the Renditions of the Soul album photo shoot. It is also considered to be a product of her Very Manilow concert at the Music Museum.

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Her vocal range is decidedly wide. Two of the awards are for People's Choice. Greatest Hits Album Notes Discography.

Redirected from Nina Nina album. Her voice itself has proven itself youthful and adaptable to any beat.

Filbert's plans for Nina have changed when she grew older. Shortly after her separation with the label, she transferred to Viva with the help of Geleen Eugenio. Tribute to a Diva, which was dedicated to late pop diva Whitney Houston.

It did not top the local charts, but peaked inside the top five. It was originally released as a theme song for the promotion of the theatrical release of the Philippine sci-fi indie film Xenoa. It reached the top ten of local charts, but is considered to be her least successful single at the time. She is not causing the delay. The album recaptures the sound of her first two albums, but only bigger and broader in terms of genre.

Great American Songwriters. Unlike her commercial achievement Nina Live! Although the song was praised by critics, it did not perform as well as expected on charts. After all the success, she felt that she has made it in the music industry by showcasing her own style of music, and wanted to pour out everything to the album. The Philippine Star Online.

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Her detractors believed her career will go downtrend after the euphoria she made over her revival of a Julia Fordham song. The music video for the song was directed by Sean Lim, who also directed the film. Problems playing this file? Due to the album's critical and commercial success, Warner decided to re-release it in a special limited edition, featuring the hits of Barry Manilow. It is in black-and-white, where she is seen wearing a black gown, running away from armed military men.

It starts with lonesome lyrics, but turns to a positive feeling midway. The Definitive Collection. Nina immediately stated in an interview that she deserves the award, and that there was no conflict between her and Geronimo. The Dense Modesto Remixes. Another reason on why the label departed from the Nina Live!

The idea of recording an all-original album came up when Nyoy Volante wrote two ballad love songs for Nina. The song was sung by Nina as if she was whispering.

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Only three commercial singles were released from Nina. Nina is considered to be an all-original album, containing only two revival songs. Nina's upper-pitch trajectories are not present on several songs of the album, blue eyes video song ing since only a few of them feature her high vocal belting.

Discography Videography Awards. So if ever I will star in a movie, I'm not half-baked, I'll be prepared. NinaSoulSireigns Official Blog. The music video shows her dancing in a club, singing to the whole song with back-up dancers accompanying her. It didn't equal the success of Nina's previous singles, however.