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Sistrer Regina, u got a good reply from two guys. This gift to be happy and have faith comes from God himself.

Jesus is my best freind forever. My Lord Jesus always gaves me a feeling that I am not alone. We think this site will help us in all our problems, to become more faithful towards God. It is true when problems come God can seem far away.

In fact I do not know what my faith will be like tomorrow as there are many ups and downs and only God can help me to sustain. Pls bless my family life and the world also. Paul wrote his letters in prison under very dirty conditions but he always sounded happy. Remember God can work miracles even today. If you read stories of people with faith you will know they trusted God despite their troubles.

Now only we found this peaceful site. Ente Jesus nee mathram mathi nee mathram mathi nee mathram mathi eniku. Without Him nothing can be possible. Get Updates via Email for Free.

Lokam Muzhuvan and other songs, so that we will be able to download and hear them as many as we required. But I am not sure about that. Its a very beautiful song. It is is not a human talent. Mail will not be published required.

Jesus is all time favorite of mine he made me an engineer from street vendors. This entry is filed under Songs. My eldest sister was married.

But first we should shake off and attitude of self pity and boldy put on faith. Why God allows this suffering no one can explain.

Jesus pls forgotte my all sings. May God Bless all those behind this Great job. Read the words which Jesus spoke to his disciples. You are a fruitful tree which gives ripened mangoes to the God. Do you enjoy singing Malayalam karaoke songs?

Jesus is my hope and strength. The apostles of Jesus who knew him so well also doubted him at times. And Please add option to download the songs. Years ago i was like u as u suffering now.


My mother-in-law and my husband tortures me mentally. According to Holy Quran Jesus is the God of judgement and the Sikh religion Jesus is the Lord who is going to save His people from the fire on the judgement day.

May the Good God reward you most abuntantly. God is present always even when you do not feel it.

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St Paul who had such a great turn around in his life also had very frustrating moments. But we have to Struggle hard. He can not replace with any others.

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Dear Regina, Please dont get disappointed with the problems of life. Not many will know that St. Whenever I looked into you there was a spirit on me.

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Malayalam Karaoke Devotional Songs Karaoke

Hai, I embibe the divine songs in its all spirit. Dear Brother George can yu please publish annorunalil bethlehem Sammodamai and minnaminni pole karaoke with lyrics. My opinion is no need to worry about ur sorrows sorrows. Take courage and I pray that you will find comfort.

Pray to Almighty Lord to bless all of us. Strange as it seems human suffering has great value in the eyes of God. Listening to the old songs are real healing for mind and body.

God never promised a life free of pain but he promised he will help us. Download the latest version here. But we are taking a break from the oldies. Our entire life is not sufficient to praise Him. More over I wish to be more powerful in my daily prayers.

But I would suggest you shake of your negative feelings and visualise good things and good outcomes. Facebook Twitter Google Print. My hubby is a short tempered man, gets angry at the slightest things for no reason at all.

Shop and Download super hit Malayalam karaoke tracks here at Regional Karaoke. Do visit us and browse our library to find your favorite Malayalam Karaoke Songs. We had to do it this way, desperado eagles mp3 because the beautiful old malayalam christian songs are very rare to get in these new era. Good collection of Christian Songs. Please add option to download the songs.

Just believe and do your best and God will definitely take you place you have never dreamed off. Cry and pray to God to help you. He will definitely answer you. He is my best friend with whom I can share all my pains.