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Brendan the Navigator, reputed to have discovered America centuries before Columbus. By capturing the islands Magnus imposed a more direct royal control, although at a price.

Longford and a section of it was then moved to here for study and display. Brendan to have made the voyage to America in such a craft.

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The colonists tried again in with the same result, but a third attempt in was more successful and in due course Stornoway became a Burgh of Barony. The summer days are relatively long, and May to August is the driest period. These princelings nominally owed allegiance to the Norwegian crown, although in practice the latter's control was fairly limited.

In his secular poetry, MacDonald praised the beauty of Eriskay and its people. In some places, transport was a major problem during the Iron Age.

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On this the inhabitants built their thatched houses of wattles and mud and surrounded themselves with a protective timber fence. This place he called High Basil and it first came to him a dream.

It is assumed that Pictish must once have predominated in the northern Inner Hebrides and Outer Hebrides. This is especially true of the Outer Hebrides, where a slim majority speak the language. In the wake of the rebellion, the clan system was broken up and islands of the Hebrides became a series of landed estates. Today, they are also known as the Western Isles, backdating child tax although this phrase can also be used to refer to the Hebrides in general. These artificial islands were generally approached by dugout canoes or by various types of causeways or bridges.