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Grosse Auswahl an Herstellern im Programm u. Her legs and lower torso are encased in a stiff plaster prison and permanently spread to reveal her privates! She even tries putting a shoe on her casted foot. She props herself up, life dating simulation games and pulls up her hospital gown in disbelief.

It's so humiliating having her mobility curtailed and having someone else do this for her without being able to do it well herself, stop it, or even close her legs! Finally after modeling many shoes she finds what she wants and crutches off with the sale girls hoping she'll be back again so she can cop another feel of those sexy toes. Jederzeit den Status der Bestellung verfolgen.

She also shows off to her friend how high up on her body her cast goes. At this point the nurse comes in for her regular exam. She pulls off her hospital gown to reveal Amaris's perfect breasts, steths her and takes her blood pressure as helpless Amaris lays there trying to make chit chat with her about her casted condition. Some great shots of her dirty casted sole and wiggly toes as she rests on the bench. An unsuspecting Lia sits to try on the various shoes she is being enticed with while the sales girl takes every opportunity to to play with her exposed casted toes.

She intends to call her friend and relay what she can't believe just happened to her her. Mit unserem Newsletter keine Angebote mehr verpassen! She has to rely completely on her other leg for mobility while her bare casted sole gets dirty because of all the wet fall leaves that her extended cast leg brushes against as she crutches. An excellent story clip featuring sexy Lia and her perfect toes with foot play sexy footwear and lots of casted toe closeups. Every time she sits after modeling a different shoe that sales girl finds some excuse to grab at her toes.

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Then she offers to clean Amaris up and get rid if any excess plaster. Crutching around really makes her tired and they find a bench so she can prop her casted leg up, which is not easy because she must pivot her entire body to accomplish it. Lia is uncomfortable but she has to endure it and starts getting used to the warm hands on her cold toes. She embarrassed because the cast under her dress hikes it up so that her panties are visible as she crutches.

Meet Latin Singles From Milwaukee

Amaris assumes she will be cleaning up her toes but the nurse starts directly on her privates. The sales girl takes one look at Lia and her stiff casted leg and exposed toes and realizes her own foot fetish fantasies will soon be realized. After the check up and rubdown of her private parts Amaris picks up her cell phone.