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The Best Songs About Doctors

Composed by George Bennard. Murray Gold and Tim Phillips. Murray Gold and Melanie Pappenheim. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Cast Supporting characters Guest appearances.

Joseph Mohr Franz Xaver Gruber. Development History Canada and the U. An original composition by Murray Gold. The Greatest Show in the Galaxy. Love Ooh, they Call me Dr.

Sung by Abigail to resonate the ice crystals in the air to allow the spaceliner to land safely. Originally by Carl Perkins and later covered by Elvis Presley.

Played by the Master as he enters the bridge of the Valiant. Clip is used from a live performance that Elton sung, A deleted scene from this episode also refers to the clip used as Elton asks why his mother didn't call him Daniel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Phillips was replaced by Neil Hannon on the official soundtrack. Murray Gold and Miranda Raison as Tallulah.

Love I am your doctor of love calling Dr. Song played by the Morpheus pods. Played on Bob Hall's radio. Performed in character by the actress with an acoustic guitar.


Originally by Melanie Safka. Ethelbert Woodbridge Nevin.

Love I've got the cure you're thinking of calling Dr. Love Love, love, love, Dr. You need my love baby, oh so bad You're not the only one I've ever had And if I say I wanna set you free Don't you know you'll be in misery They call me Dr. So if you please get on your knees There are no bills, there are no fees Baby, I know what your problem is The first step of the cure is a kiss.

The Best Songs About Doctors

Originally composed by Charles Williams and known for being used as the theme tune for Dick Barton. Playing on Professor Grisenko's Walkman. The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Composed for this episode. Heard as the Doctor enters the night club. Electric Banana was an alias for The Pretty Things. Played by Mr Crane to cover the screams of the men and women being converted into Cybermen. Australia Music theme music composers soundtrack releases featured music.

Kiss - Calling Dr. Love Lyrics

Heard when Bill's housemate Pavel is in their new house on his own at night, and gets absorbed into the wall in his bedroom. Music written in by Milton Ager with lyrics by Jack Yellen. Played at the wedding reception. Performed while Grace Holloway is attending the Opera.

Peter Capaldi plays the famous opening bars of the symphony on the electric guitar just prior to the start of the opening credits. Irving Caesar and Vincent Youmans. Played during party scenes aboard the Buccaneer. Played over a radio in Part One, with members of the cast including Bonnie Langford singing along.

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Sung by the passengers on the airliner to stabilize it, and used by The Doctor to convince Kazran Sardick to allow the airliner to land. Played by the Master and diegetically as the Toclafane invade Earth. What does this song mean to you? Country music heard in the mortuary. Originally composed by Leon Jessel.

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Milton Ager music and Jack Yellen lyrics. Originally by Electric Light Orchestra.

In a later scene, several cast members including Jenna Coleman sing a portion of the song. The Talons of Weng-Chiang. Another cover version of this song was heard in Delta and the Bannermen. Originally composed by Eric Coates.

Played on the shuttle's entertainment system as the journey begins, just before the Doctor disables it. An original piece from Murray Gold, once again performed by Melanie, film kannada previously heard on tracks such as The Doctor's Theme and Doomsday amongst others. The Doctor plays music on Bill's phone to keep some of the housemates up so he can investigate the house.