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The thing is, i forgot to submit my investment proofs when leaving the company. Heat transfer augmentation in rectangular channel using four triangular prisms arrange in staggered manner. Hashim Rasool, Shafiq Ahmad, N. Is the tax exempted for such a re-investment?


Sitaram Ramesh Waghle, Dr. It is a wonderful article and also the replies by Raja Babu are spot on. The effect of storage time on the retention of prefabricated metal and fiber posts using different luting agents An in vitro study.


The effect of compaction effort on volumetric and drainage properties of porous asphalt. Calculation of financial losses of Rice Industries against voltage sag. So its better to correct the things now.

Effect of Curing Method on the Color of Vinyl Addition Cured Silicon Effect of processing temperature on the color parameters of maxillofacial silicon. Loges rated it it was amazing Jul dsp textbook by ramesh babu, urdu sad poetry No trivia or quizzes yet.

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Interrelationship between the milk urea nitrogen level and milk coagulation traits in Holstein-Friesian cows with reproductive disorders in R. Image registration and retrieval of images using Harris Corner Detection and histogram of oriented gradients. Other than that i have income from interest. Kalavathi Bandi, Lav Agarwal, K. Akash Wagadre, Bhagyashree B.

Quantitative Geomorphology of analyzing tectonic activity in the Roczek and Shwork rivers valley in the Zagros Mountains Iraqi Kurdistan. Bhargava, Juwairia Ashraf, Vol. And taxable salary income in abroad as well.

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The influence of tectonic movements upon changes in river alignment - The example of the Lower Khazir River. Hence I went ahead and uploaded the xml with refund as tax status. Effect of Influenza virus A infection on human immuno-inflammatory genes expression and gene ontology analysis.

Narottam, Sachin Kumar, Dr. Callus Induction of Michelia champaca L. Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using culture supernatant of pseudomonas aeruginosa and antibacterial activity.


Effect of Aluminum metal and Silicon nonmetal on Convective Heat transfer from a Heated Circular Cylinder in an oscillating channel flow. Most of the topics are written in lucid style with suitable examples and figures. So, Do she also declare all interest this year only? But she should adopt the same consistently.

The secure and energy efficient in Geocast for mobile ad hoc networks using clusters. Review, Challenge and the State of Art. Combination prediction model of traffic accident using Rough Set Technology approach. Rehabilitation of severely atrophied mandibular ridge with neutral zone technique- A Case Report.

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How should I go about filing the tax for it? Isobolographic analysis of the antinociceptive interaction between tramadol and diphenhydramine in Mice. Improved Distributed Certificate Authority revocation in secure cluster-based Mobile ad hoc network.

Voltammetric trace determination of betamethasone in human serum and urine-studies the interaction with albumin. If balance tax is payable then it must be paid before return filing. An extended model for effective migrating parallel web crawling with domain specific crawling.

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So, interest income will come under my income or it can be put in her income also? And is the Revised submission same like the original submit I did? Kavita Burse, Rachana Mishra, Vol.

The protective effect of Vitamin C and Vitamin E on some antioxidants and lipid peroxidation in blood and tissues of male albino rats treated with aluminum. The influence of a new irrigant solution on the apical microleakage of obturated root canals. If this is the case then you can take benefit of ppf investment while filing your income tax return.

Sridhar, Monica Bhutani, Vol. Now you should prepare Income tax tentative details on plain paper. Eyelid detection by alternative Approach exploiting Intensity Parameters as well as Dimensional Characteristics. Computational study of natural convection in a nano-fluid filled enclosure containing pair of heater and cooler. Effect of fluoridated dentifrices on surface microhardness of the enameleroded by Coca Cola.

Effect of date of sowing on the infestation of shoot fly, Atherigona soccata Rondani in spring maize and their varietal preference. It is called self assessment tax. The determinants of accounting strategy choices towards Positive Accounting Theory and Institutional Theory. Preparation and Evaluation of antimicrobial activity of novel calcium based dental cement. Application of a novel time-slot utility mechanism for pricing cloud resource to optimize preferences for different time slots.

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Behaviour analysis of malware in android enabled devices using reverse engineering tools. Which says I should get that amount in return. Numerical study of heat and mass transfer in liquid film evaporation by a porous layer within a vertical flow channel. Aslam, Juwairia Ashra, Vol. Gupta, Himanshu Gupta, Vol.

Interaction between management control and business intelligence in public economic companies of Tlemcen. But I should not get any refund. If Only address mistake then I don't think its a major mistake so no need to revise return.

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