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For the film's thirtieth anniversary reissue, Ebert retracted some of his previous praise for the film, noting that he felt its time had passed and that he now had more sympathy for Mrs. Even though she loves her husband very much, they almost never get along and it seems that they are always angry about something. Her head is also not directly a part of her body, as it is attached to her neck. Personality Similar to her husband, Mrs. For the character of Elaine, casting was also an issue.

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Roosevelt and Joe DiMaggio and stuff. Sally Field and Shirley MacLaine refused the role as well. Nichols begged him for more, but Simon, who was touring constantly, told him he did not have the time. The scene with Benjamin and Elaine at night in his car at the drive-in restaurant was filmed in Westwood Village, Los Angeles.

Robinson also seems to have sadistic tendencies, such as cutting the flowers off of plants for no reason and only attending Mr. Robinson's performance to see him fail. Robinson, dating in winter nyc but also that of Elaine.

Sometimes man just wants to watch the world burn. Angela Lansbury also asked about playing the part. No explanation is given for her actions or attitude, and her husband's only answer to it is that she is evil, just because she is evil. Her yarn-like blonde wig is very plentiful, and most of it is kept up in a large beehive hairstyle, while the rest forms her bangs. Susan Hayward was the first choice for Benjamin's mother, Mrs.

The real fraternity flag is visible in both the exterior and dining room shots. There were numerous actors considered or tested for, or who wanted, roles in the film. This is going to be a disaster. Nothing happened in her life to justify the way she is.

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She also wears a light-brown and white polka-dotted bow on her hair. Her usual outfit consists of a white and brown zig-zagging shirt and a pair of dark brown jeans. Ava Gardner sought the role of Mrs. In addition, Margaret seems very unfaithful to the marriage between her and her husband, often leaving him for other men.

Braddock, but the role was given to Elizabeth Wilson. Patty Duke turned down the part as she did not want to work at the time. The Taft Hotel scenes were filmed at the Ambassador Hotel. When Dustin Hoffman auditioned for the role of Benjamin, he was asked to perform a love scene with Ross.

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Despite her and her husband's constant bickering, they both love each other. The main difference is that she has much larger hips and is much skinnier. Patricia Neal turned down the film as she had recently recovered from a stroke and did not feel ready to accept such a major role. First of all, I strip for nobody.

Robinson was sick, showing that she is not actually loyal to her husband. Robinson has the same basic body structure of her husband.

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Carroll Baker tested, but was said to have been too old to portray Anne Bancroft's daughter. Doris Day turned down an offer because the nudity required by the role offended her.

Like her husband, she has a very large and protruding nose below her two beady eyes, which are bordered by what seems to be purple eye shadow. She also appears to wear white pumps.

Margaret Robinson

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