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What are some other things he taught you? Have you ever received a D. What do you do to protect the environment? Do you prefer to stay in touch with others by letter, email, or the phone? While I actually agree with your numbers, haruma yuma dating ugly people have group sex all the time.

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Do you think you are a harder worker than most people at your job? Have you ever filed for bankruptcy? What sort of plans have you made for retirement?

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Did your family tend to share feelings and emotions when you were growing up? Do you have a favorite foreplay activity to turn you on? Have you ever dated someone just because they had or you thought they had money? How many books do you usually read in a year?

Do you think that you might have a difficult time having a passionate sex life because of a previous sexual experience or because of what you were taught about sex growing up? Do you think someone should ever correct his or her mate in public? Do you save old love letters? What are some other things she taught you? Have you ever sued someone or been sued?

Creflo dollar dating 1000 questions

How important is it to you that your mate is intelligent? Do you think you would enjoy going on a vacation with your sweetheart's family? When was the last time you called your Mom, just to tell her you love her? Do you think you could go skinny dipping with your mate in private? How many and how long ago?

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Do you have any sexual fetishes? If you could create the perfect job and get paid well for it, what would it be? When I was in college we used to datinv these sorts of things in our campus mail box all the time and they got hilarious results do to selection bias. Do you have this stipulation in writing anywhere? What cures have you tried?

This survey of questions was posted by an older member of the forum before the forum crash. Do you think answering questions about sex will help make it a better experience for us? How important is it that a couple is friends first before they get into a love relationship?

Are there any scents that turn you on? How did they do a good job and how did they mess up? Do you think your feeling might change? How do you feel about mixing business with family? When you are in a hotel with thin walls and a squeaky bed, are you able to make love?

Early in the dating stage, how strongly do you consider your friends and family's opinion as to whether you should continue seeing someone? Have you ever lived with someone you were dating? What rules or standards do you set for dating? What questions to life are you trying to figure out?

Is there anything that you feel like telling your mom or dad but you haven't? Would you want to do a sexual act even if your spouse thought it was very unappealing? What are your thoughts on handguns that serve no other real purpose than shooting people? Have you ever traveled out of the country? Would the man consider a hyphenated last name too?

Creflo dollar dating

How long did it take for you to realize it wasn't real love? Do you believe that if you give money to churches or charity that you will be financially rewarded? When do you turn the television on and when do you turn it off?

What shows on television do you always watch? Does that include international calls? Do you like to have chores scheduled or just do them when they need it or you feel like it?

Do you feel that your lover is too needy at times? What sort of research, if any, do you do before you travel somewhere? Threesomes, wife-swapping or orgies?

  1. Have I ever behaved in such a way around someone that made you feel uncomfortable?
  2. What rules do you have that would result in eviction of your teenagers?
  3. Do you think you could be sexually addicted?
  4. Or do you always carry balances on your credit cards?
  5. How do you handle the language barrier when you travel to foreign countries?
  6. How often do you go to concerts?
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What areas do you think we could most improve our communication? How do you like to celebrate yours now? Are you listed as an organ donor on your driver's license for when you die? Also what people say and what they do is typically miles and eons and light years apart. How much money do you have invested or saved stocks, annuities, retirement funds?

What is the difference between sex and romance? What do you want to study? Is it difficult for you to ask your mate for certain kinds of stimulation? Do you think it is wise to go to counseling for sexual problems? What sports do you watch on television?

Status quo lyrics darren criss dating

Do you think you are good or bad at handling money? Why would you like to be married some day? If there are some things from my past that are just too painful or uncomfortable to share is that ok with you? Did you ever run away from home? Dareen m dying for more but shockingly am having a hard time setting them up.

  • Are you often embarrassed about how most of your race behaves?
  • When you go on a vacation with someone, do you like doing everything together, most things together or most things on your own and then getting back together for meals?
  • Do you think it is easy to build a friendship after a couple has already been lovers?
  • What's the biggest turn on for you?
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Do you think it would cause more damage to you if you said it? Which of us has the best skills at paying the bills and keeping track of our expenses? What place do you believe religion will have in our lives? If you say you are a religious person, do you really practice it? Do you like to take vacations that are activity oriented cycling trips, skiing trips, scuba trips, etc.

Would you want your mate to let you know if you haven't sexually satisfied them? Do you think you and your mate could or should have sex even though you are currently mad at each other? What foods do you really dislike?

Do you think it is damaging to your relationship to role-play while having sex? What do you think of couples who each attend their own Christian church? What are some things that your partner has done for you that really made you feel loved? Do you think it is risky or unhealthy for your mate to have a best friend's of the opposite sex?

Creflo Dollar Questions

While Dollar may seem like a contrived name for a man who preaches the prosperity gospel, Dollar is named after his father, Creflo Dollar Sr. While it may seem like a contrived name for a man who preaches the prosperity gospel, Dollar is named after his father, Creflo Dollar Sr. Dollar, I would probably have some issues as well. But the gesture came a month after two traffic tickets Dollar had received were downgraded to warnings. Long and Dollar were among six televangelists investigated by Iowa U.

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