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Help the tribe find a new home and discover new worlds. Myst Rider Myst Rider is a thrilling bike race with simplistic controls. Nordic Storm Solitaire is a new mystical interpretation of the classic solitaire card game with a captivating storyline of the almighty God Feyr. We believe if you make the choice to download a game, you are choosing to download that game and not a bunch of software you don't want. Claim the victory that is yours as the leader of the great empire!

Play Love Balls and use your drawing skills to unite every star-crossed lover in this challenging physics-based puzzler. Is it worth getting a new Nintendo Switch? Answer Questions My extremely old surge protector's light rocker switch barely works anymore and sparks anytime I plug something into it. Provide feedback for this topic.

Twilight Solitaire takes you on an adventure in a spooky castle where your solitaire skill is needed to bring life to the castle. Tank Blast is an action packed tank battle which requires speedy reflexes. If you installed your game from another location. Epic games seems to be a bad launcher. Pirated games are very common on the internet.

Trainpunk Run is an action-packed arcade game where women reign the sky, firing at any oncoming threats that invade their airspace. After doing so I was able to uninstall it. How do I convince my strict parents to let me get Xbox live?

Tank Blast Tank Blast is an action packed tank battle which requires speedy reflexes. If you backup multiple games at once, you are given the option to choose which games you'd like to restore when you initiate the restore procedure. Conclusion With an extensive library of over free games, GameTop. Santa's Workshop Mosaics Santa's Workshop is a mosaic puzzle game that brings out the spirit of Christmas. Waths the driving range on a electric car?

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Ally with other powerful commanders as you crush your enemies and dominate the battlefield. Occasionally, these files may get corrupted or altered, especially if you've had a malware problem or are running a game modification on your device. If your game supports repair, Repair will appear as an option above the list of games. We help people with disabilities get back into the game.

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This process replaces the files that run the game. You control a man or a woman with the task of shooting aliens that come your way.

Try this community option, below. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? The game tests your resource management and warfighting skills. Enjoy the best of both worlds. The vast sea has been invaded by ferocious Alien monsters.

Search in titles only Search in General Discussion only Search. Book Two is a strategy game where your decision making and strategy skills are important for your team's survival.

How to Uninstall & Reinstall a Game on Windows 10

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Adventure Cartoon Strategy. If you are a gamer with disabilities, or you are supporting a gamer with disabilities and are looking for help from AbleGamers, here is where you start. Collect the stars needed to revitalize your wrecked mansion. Most of the money that supports our mission comes from games, family members, and people that just want everyone to have fun.

Tale of Ariadna is an addictive hidden object game where you solve for clues on the mysterious disappearance of Ariadna. So i tried deleting it, but it won't delete unless its closed.

Here are the latest successes. Prepare yourself for a race that you will never forget!

AbleGamers has had another busy month! All games are licensed directly from game studios and others are developed in-house.

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That's theft and we are strongly in favor of supporting individuals and companies that work hard and spend money to create games. So now I'm trying to uninstall and quit Epic Games all together and it won't let me, It says that it's still running but it's not and I've already reset my computer. Lend your voice, and share our story with your friends, co-workers, and family. It looks to have worked perfectly, though I do not yet know if it will restore my shortcut icons.

However, if you installed the game from Microsoft Store, you'll only be able to completely uninstall and reinstall the game. How do I completely uninstall Epic Games Launcher? Headed by Mark Barlet and Steven Spohn, securecrt portable passionate advocates and able gamers!

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Help us make more smiles today. You can also join alliances and work together to fight enemies that threaten your empire.

2. Free Mobile Games