The lessons introduce you to a particular topic and they explain the grammar and cultural context along the way. The longer the length, the lower the monthly cost becomes. These early lessons are mostly in English and as such Arabic only features briefly in the words and phrases that are being explored.

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The video has the words and phrases written down both in English and Arabic for you to follow and the presenter also explains the cultural context and how you should greet people in the Arab world. While you do learn more Arabic phrases, words and how they are used, these early lessons are still almost entirely in English. Covering a wide range of subjects, the lessons explore anything from Arab culture and particular grammar points to specific scenarios and essential vocabulary. They help you to understand the grammar points a lot better. The presenters then slow down so that you can hear it better before going through it once again with English translations on offer.

While the lessons are generally very good, learners need to pay attention as some of them are in Modern Standard Arabic while others are in the Egyptian and Moroccan dialects. Starting off at the Absolute Beginner level there are thirty-five video lessons for you to work through and these are generally around four or five minutes in length. The presenters mainly speak at a natural speed and so one of the most useful features is the speed dial where you can slow down the video or audio.

For the advanced lessons, the line-by-line audio dialogue is particularly invaluable and it is great that you can slow the sentences down and listen to them at half speed. Other downsides were that I found the dashboard difficult to navigate and it was bizarre that Modern Standard Arabic lessons were intermingled with the Egyptian and Moroccan dialects. The lessons are also longer and go into more depth on the grammar, vocabulary and cultural context in which they are used. It's a good way to pick up vocabulary. The lesson transcripts are also great to have and they make following the conversation or dialogue a lot easier.

Seeing and hearing words used in context is the best way to learn a new language and I wish I had this list when I started learning Arabic. The intermediate level lessons are longer and go into much greater depth and as such, there is a corresponding increase in the amount of Arabic used. Another positive is that there are a number of different presenters so you get to hear how different people speak. You can also have a word of the day sent to your email address. As long as you cancel it before they start billing you it's fine.

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Some of the lessons have a vocabulary list below so you can listen to the individual words and see how they are written. For a beginner or intermediate learner, I think the Basic subscription plan is quite good and for eight dollars a month you would certainly learn a lot of Arabic. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Annoyingly, choir they sort of hide the real price until you get closer to paying.

You could practice both of these skills by working with a tutor or language exchange partner on italki. They probably won't cancel the subscription for you. This site is good for those starting out in Arabic. This is particularly useful when you come to the Advanced lessons. Although the lessons are generally of a very good standard, I did find it a bit strange that on occasion the lessons jumped from Modern Standard Arabic to the Egyptian and Moroccan dialects.

All of the main learning points and lessons are included in the Basic subscription. The lessons again follow the same format with the presenters introducing themselves before you listen to the conversation on the topic. Notify me of new posts by email. The amount of Arabic used again increases in volume and difficulty while the presenters again go a great job of explaining the vocabulary, grammar, and cultural context.

Learning a language doesn't have to cost money. They also have someone say the word and a few sentences to give you context on how the word is used. The topics covered include anything from sentence structure and Arabic culture to travel and taking a flight. The line-by-line audio dialogue is another useful addition.

There is not much focus placed on speaking and writing. You can also slow down the audio if it is too fast or play a certain word back if you want to hear how it is pronounced. Good chemistry between the hosts makes the lessons more enjoyable.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. In the Basic package, you get access to all of the audio and video lessons as well as the lesson notes and a hundred core Arabic words and phrases. Arabic Pod is a subscription site that teaches Modern Standard Arabic with audio and video lessons. Unfortunately, learners would have to use it alongside another resource which focused more on speaking and writing.

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They have audio and context for the words of the day as well. The link takes you to a one-time offer deal which is actually pretty great for just one dollar which you can opt to take up or you can simply continue onward to your Free Lifetime Account. The lessons progress in difficulty and are perfect for beginner and intermediate learners although not much focus is placed on learning how to speak and write.

They then discuss the scenario in a natural way and you can follow along with the lesson transcripts. It's not just a list of words, how they're spelled, and what they mean. Covering a huge range of topics, the Arabic lessons seemed to be well thought out. The lessons play at normal speed before they go through it again with English translations. Your email address will not be published.

The lessons do progress in difficulty and once you feel comfortable enough you can progress on to the Beginner or Intermediate levels. In addition to this, the presenters do a fantastic job of making the material fun and interesting to engage with and you gain fascinating insights into the cultures of the Middle East.

The forty-five lessons take around two and a half hours to listen to and the topics are very interesting in nature as they look at the Copts in Egypt, Ramadan, and community in Saudi Arabia. These audio lessons are usually around ten to fifteen minutes in length and there is nearly six hours of material for students to work through.

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Thank you very much for your answer! At the Absolute Beginner level, there are thirty-five lessons for you to work through which includes over three hours of video and audio for you to listen and learn from. If you find that the presenter is speaking too fast then you can set the video to play at a slower speed and follow what they are saying by using the lesson notes and transcript. One thing I found very helpful about this site is the most common word list.

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At the beginning of each lesson, the hosts present the scenario before you hear the Arabic spoken at a natural speed. The Basic plan is very affordable. Students could save much more by finding a tutor from a site like italki or Verbling. For their free trial, go here. The lessons certainly progress in difficulty with each different level building on the one before it and learners will get a lot out of the platform.

Again though, they offer up a lot of great insight into some of the cultures and traditions of the Middle East. Still though, the hosts take you through the topic at a comfortable speed and clearly explain everything. You can also download the files as well as the audio and video if you want to continue learning offline. The production value also fluctuates and some of the lessons look like professional videos while others look like a shoddy powerpoint presentation.

The diversity of lesson topics that are explored makes them fun and engaging to work through. The advanced level lessons are around three to four minutes in length and are completely in Arabic and as such, they are a large step up from the intermediate level. It was also great to see how the different levels gradually got harder and harder until the lessons were only conducted in Arabic. The grammar too is very well explained and each lesson is accompanied by a whole variety of different resources such as lesson notes, transcripts, quizzes and more. In general, the lessons are quite short and this makes them easy to digest.

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