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Helena concentration camp where placed under terrible oppression and hardship lead to an uprising through human spirit and more specifically, the game of rugby. This is another wonderful production from Nollywood and is also based on a true story. The movie reveals the hidden secrets in the royal family. Cry Freedom looks at issues of political corruption, discrimination, and violence. Following a bushman who discovers a coke bottle dropped by a passing plane, the object is considered a gift from the gods by his local village.

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16 Best South African Movies Of All Time - Up to 2019 Films

Original and timelessly charming, the smash-hit The Gods Must Be Crazy is one of the most popular comedies to come out of the African continent. The Nigerian film industry is the largest in Africa. Hotel Rwanda is a heart-wrenching historical drama about the genocide that took place in Rwanda over a decade ago.

High Fantasy is an exploration of identity politics as they're felt by today's youths. The movie is a deeply moving portrait of suffering in contemporary Africa and the tragedy of social isolation amongst lost communities.

Sexy Dakota James suck a big black bamba in the shower-ForDreamers. Parents, you can easily block access to this site. Hilarious from start to finish, the movie is a comical allegory of the clash of modern civilization and old-world African traditions. Leading a new wave of African Cinema, Inxeba tells a uniquely South African story from a uniquely African perspective. Two of the men Xolani and Vija are caregivers who have a secret sexual relationship that they only engage in during this period every year.

At its core, how to make money from music Inxeba tells an intersectional story about three Xhosa men during a period of the male Xhosa initiation. This marks the beginning of a terrible confrontation. It also featured in film festivals in North America and has received praise from global critics. The film is set in the Johannesburg township of Soweto where survival is a daily struggle.

Catching Feelings is written by, and stars local comedian Kagiso Lediga. As a Senegalese village falls further into poverty, the village elders must sell the town possessions to pay off their debts. Read Next Save to wishlist.

What can we say, local is lekker! This film, directed by John Barker, features guerrilla footage from various real political rallies, town hall meetings and conferences. Four lives and stories are presented to track a string of events that led to the accident.

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It is set in modern-day South Africa and tells the story of Anna Bruwer, who avenges years of abuse from her stepfather and the court case that follows! The African movie industry has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years and it is now competing with established industries such as Hollywood and Bollywood. In our opinion, this list should include almost every South African film ever made.

Black Girl is considered to be one of the first Sub-Saharan African movies by an African filmmaker to gain international recognition. The rise of the African film industry can be traced back to the decolonization period of the continent. African Tribe Welcomes a Hot Asian! Take a look at some of the best South African movies of all time. The movie was one of the best African movies in but it is still among the best ever.

As a prisoner of war, Willem fights to survive the incarceration in the notorious St. The film's protagonist is loosely based on Dougie Morkel, who went on to play for the South African national rugby union team. Movie makers are now showing a more vibrant Africa with the help of new technologies such as computers, mobile devices, streaming video, digital cameras and the internet.

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16 Best South African Movies Of All Time - Up to 2019 Films

Directed by Darrell Roodt, Sarafina! From classic comedies to twisted tearjerkers and chilling crime dramas, South Africa is in no shortage of fantastic, talent-filled cinema. Hotel Rwanda Rwanda Hotel Rwanda is a heart-wrenching historical drama about the genocide that took place in Rwanda over a decade ago. Directed by John Trengrove, it is said to be a love drama cross intense psychological thriller. In particular, over the past few decades, African cinema has begun to experience greater international recognition.

Directed by Sara Blecher, this film has done South Africa proud! The accidental murder of an innocent youth in the diverse Nigerian city sparks a lot of interest and there is an increasing need to get more insight into the happenings. The South African cinema scene is filled with talent, class and chemistry! Black African teen fucked by a white guy. Exploring the relationship between humans and their society, the movie evokes a gripping realism that ensures this is unlike anything audiences will have seen in years.

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Essentially a story about the profound difference between two cultures, it is a movie of cultural communication and curiosity. Take a look at the films that have been making waves locally and internationally, up to films!

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Set in the rural town of Marseilles, the film stars an all-South African cast. The story tells the story of how Mandela brings his people together through the universal language of sport.